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Our Product Quality

Flocon Soleniod Valves & Pressure Regulator are manufactured with a focus to ensure a long trouble free, reliable operation for the product life-time. This is achieved by using modern production techniques and equipments as well as following stringent quality control checks, not only in-house but also external testing houses like IDEMI, plus those facilities at the suppliers own premises under their quality programme for raw material, finished components and boughtouts. Our own quality control programme consists in three stages as follows:

Raw Material

Raw materials are tested as per national & international standards as required for every batch from reputed laboratory for their physical properties and chemical composition. Casting of Bronze,S. Steel and Iron are certified for their grade by the Vendor-Foundry alongwith the supply. Rubber components like O rings/packings of Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, EPDM, Silicon, are certified for hardness and other relevant properties by the respective suppliers.

Stage Inspection

While machining the components at every stage, they are inspected as per the drawing for its accuracy in dimensions & finish. Proper 'Go' 'No - Go' gauges & templates are used for checking Bores, Grooves & Contours. Internal & External threads are checked by male & female thread gauges for correctness of forms & sizes.

Performance Test

All castings, forgings & bar stock bodies are subjected to Hydrostatic test for pressure rating as per BIS standards before being assembled. After assembly, each valve is tested on pressure for seat leak and performance. This testing is done on air, water or oil line as per the application/specification demands. Further every valve undergoes electrical test as specified in ISI standards for Voltage, Current, Wattage, Dropout & Pickup Voltage, Coil resistance, Insulation resistance & High Voltage test. After all the tests are over for a specific lot, few of them are energised for temperature rise test

Similarly all AFCPR are tested for leakage, regulation and flow characteristics.

All products are finally checked visually for finish before packing and dispatch.