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» Est 1969

» 400 products

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Company Profile

Precision Instrument Co. was established in November 1969 in Mumbai, the business and financial capital of India. Located in the landmark A-Z Industrial Estate in the heart of the city, it is well connected to the main arterial roads of Mumbai and accessible by all means of public trasport.

In a market that was dominated by foreign brands, Precision Instrument Co. perfected the art of designing solenoid valves & filter cum pressure regulators, matching and exceeding the quality of many global brands. These were marketed under the brand names FLOCON®.

Today, after more than four decades of presence in the Indian market, the FLOCON® brand retains its position as one of the top brands in terms of quality & reliability. Staffed by a team of experienced and well qualified technical experts, professionals and capable office administrators, it continues to hold its own against both domestic and international competition.

For nearly half a century, Precision Instrument Co. has been designing, developing, manufacturing and testing solenoid valves and pressure regulators cum air filters of many different kinds, for a variety of applications, in a range of industries.

We customise to fit your specific requirements, adapt existing designs, and when required, innovate to create new products; this has led to our large catalog and extensive selection of high quality, high performance valves and filter/regulators.